sharkeo1.jpgMan goes into cage, coffee goes into water. Shark’s in the water. Our shark.

You think you are grumpy without your morning coffee, well feast your look-holes on THIS.

Shark Diver took our zowie kapowie challenge and unveiled an amazing video clip.

Apparently one of their crew accidentally dropped a 2 pound can of coffee overboard and this shark ate the damn thing.

Read that again – he ate two pounds of coffee. So what you have here, chief, is an ocean-going set of meat-grinding choppers attached to a torpedo body tweaking out on caffeine.

Don’t ask him about TPS reports today. Trust me. So do like I did – click the picture, which will navigate you to their site and watch the amazing footage. Then swim like a man on fire for shore.

Thank me later.

Source: Shark Diver <- you can click here to see the video, chief.

(They also link back to us. So do me a damn favor and go there.)