remote.jpgBigfoot trackers and regular-ass hunters Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer claim they have discovered a dead Sasquatch and after hauling it two hours through the woods and putting it in a big meatlocker for weeks are ready to reveal it to the world.

They also say they have video of the poor bastard’s family lumbering around the woods.

And they will reveal all of their findings to the world tomorrow, August 15th!

First of all, the bastards could have doe it today, which happens to be my birthday. How cool would it be to have your birthday be Bigfoot Day?

It would be as cool as chocolate ice-cream and dozens of naked ladies. Dozens.

But no.

At any rate, they found it in northern Georgia. I’m betting it’s not a Sasquatch, it’s just a very large hillbilly with poor hygiene (is that redundant?). Tomorrow will prove me right or wrong.

And if this is some kind of over-hyped hoax to promote some moronic product, like when Dean Kamen promised to revolutionize transportation then released the highly retarded Segway, I’m going to be pissed.

Thanks: Scientific American