Swinton-Obrien.jpgA Saurian invader was captured earlier today by SFP agents. The Reptoid quickly made a brief change into celebrity Conan O’Brien when attempts to seduce SFP agents as Academy Award winning actress Tilda Swinton weren’t yielding results.  It appears that this particular Reptoid was only capable of gender change. 

Saurians have not only infiltrated our world leaders, they are firmly in control of news agencies and television networks all over the world.   The alien is being held at an undisclosed SFP facility.  The creature is definitely not at Sag’s apartment chained up inside his storage space. 

they_live.jpgReptilian humanoids are the force behind a worldwide conspiracy directed at manipulation and control of humanity. Most of the world’s leaders are in fact related to the 7-foot (2.1 m) tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilians from the star system Alpha Draconis.

World renowned scientist David Icke claims, based on his exploration of genealogical connections to European royalty, that many presidents of the United States have been and are reptilian humanoids. In his view, United States foreign policy after September 11 is the product of a reptilian conspiracy to enslave humanity, with George W. Bush as a servant of the reptilians.  He also theorizes that the reptilians came to Earth from the constellation Draco, as opposed to John Rhodes, of the Reptoids Research Center, who reports that the majority of reptilians appear to be of Earth origin and that they may have outposts in various planetary systems and or dimensions.