Pie that has nothing to do with this article.

Pie that has nothing to do with this article.

Emboldened by right-wing support stemming from his use of the racial slur, ‘raghead’ at a recent political rally, local baker David McArthur has now released a line of racist cakes.

“If the liberal thought police hated that, they are really going to hate my Inside-out-Polack-cake. The icing is on the inside!”

His unapologetic attitude continues in delicious fashion with the Nip Tart, a savory confection topped with crumbled Cheese Nips.

“That’s a real hit at lunch with the kids,” McArthur claimed.

Also included are the Wetback Pie, featuring a moist pie crust, a dessert bread called ‘The Yid’ covered in chocolate coins, and the red velvet Injun Cake.

“I think you’re a racist if you DON’T love my devil’s food Darkie. It’s a chocolate bunt cake – but don’t steal it,” McArthur winked.

The talented baker plans to release the Arab-shaped ‘raghead’ cookie at the next political rally. Apparently they go great at a tea party.