“The Andrew Jackson”

Throwing the clothes of your “one night stand” (that you met at a keg party) out in the lawn in order to trick them into leaving.  When they eventually go out into the lawn to gather them, you lock the door.

Jackson invited the public to attend the White House ball honoring his first inauguration. The crowd became so large that Jackson’s guards could not hold them out of the White House. The crowd had become so raucous that the attendants poured punch in tubs and put it on the White House lawn to lure people out of the White House. This was the first time that a President invited the public to attend the inaugural ball. 

“Old Hickory”

Getting punched continually in the face by a Cherokee (and taking it) while having mad donkey sex with a married woman.

In all, more than 45,000 American Indians were relocated to the West during Jackson’s administration.  After his election he signed the Indian Removal Act into law in 1830.  Jackson and Rachel Robards were married in 1791. Two years later they learned that the divorce from Rachel’s previous marriage had never actually been finalized, making Rachel’s marriage to Jackson illegitimate. After the divorce was officially completed, Rachel and Jackson re-married in 1794.  During the election, Jackson’s opponents referred to him as a “Jackass.” Jackson liked the name and used the jackass as a symbol for a while, but it died out. However, it later became the symbol for the Democratic Party when cartoonist Thomas Nast popularized it.