About SFP

What do men talk about when women aren’t around?

Listen to the Super Fun Patrol comedy podcats and find out!

Paul Alamo, Sag and Crag Mayhem expose themselves to the world – talking about their weird lives, current events and just about anything else.

Sports, Dungeons and Dragons, cars, naked ladies, pooping, work, fire engines – they’re experts on everything! (At least they think they are.)

Ladies, you want to know what your man is like when you’re gone? This is it!

Fans of the famous Ricky Gervais show will love the Super Fun Patrol! These three goofballs have an incredible dynamic that can only be developed over 15 years of friendship. Paul Alamo’s abstract thinking, Craig Mayhem’s grasp of the annoyances of daily minutae, and Sag’s well-trained ability to speak without thinking will make you an instant fan and keep you in rapt anticipation of the next episode.

The Super Fun Patrol Comedy Podcast – free laughs!

Rated PG-13 for language. Wear headphones at work!